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Richard Phillips, 73, was cleared of a 1971 homicide and was released from jail in 2017 after an investigation by University of Michigan law students and the Wayne County prosecutor's office proved his innocence. Last year, he became the longest-serving inmate in America to be granted exoneration, The Associated Press reported.

21.01.2019, 01:00


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Amazing collection of 81 ‘barn find’ cars is worth a fortune

The eclectic collection is made up of 81 cars and includes a 1961 Lincoln Continental Mark III convertible, 1967 Cadillac Eldorado, 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado and 1981 Chevrolet Corvette, along with Citroens, Renaults and models from many other European brands.

19.01.2019, 14:00
Chipotle employee who went viral for bowl-flipping trick says ‘no one thought it was a big deal’ at first

The fast-casual restaurant chain originally shared footage of Vasquez packing up a burrito bowl and demonstrating his sick serving skills on Jan. 9, in an Instagram post they simply captioned with a “100” emoji.

19.01.2019, 13:00
Patriots, Chiefs will face frigid temperatures in AFC title game in Kansas City

It will be just the most recent in a string of very wintery days in the Kansas City area, which has seen plenty of snow and frigid temperatures lately, according to reports.

19.01.2019, 13:00
‘Smiley Face Killers’ gang was behind young men’s drownings, former NYPD detectives claim in new doc

The theory of the 20-year veteran of the New York City Police department and his longtime partner, Anthony Duarte, is at the center of an Oxygen docuseries titled “Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice.”

19.01.2019, 13:00
Vanessa Redgrave speaks out on Natasha Richardson’s death: ‘It never becomes OK’

Richardson, a Tony Award-winning actress, passed away in 2009 at age 45 after suffering head injuries in a skiing accident. Her sister Joely Richardson helped the star’s widower, actor Liam Neeson, raise the couple’s two sons.

19.01.2019, 13:00
Somebody left an anonymous gift for me – I hope I never find out who did it

Well, I didn’t have hors d’oeuvres yet.

19.01.2019, 12:00
Communities in California, Louisiana bid final farewells to slain police officers

On Friday, hundreds of police officers and other mourners paid tribute to Officer Natalie Corona, who was fatally shot Jan. 10 in Davis, Calif. On Saturday, following three memorial services Friday, a funeral will be held for Officer Chateri Payne, a young mother who was killed Jan. 9 in Shreveport, La.

19.01.2019, 12:00
How dogs are saving diabetics’ lives

Can a dog’s nose save a diabetic’s life? Man’s best friends are known to sniff out bombs, drugs and even bedbugs, but can they smell trouble for type 1 diabetics?

19.01.2019, 11:01
George W. Bush delivers pizzas to Secret Service detail, makes rare political statement

George W. Bush played pizza delivery man for a day as he handed out several boxes of pies to his Secret Service detail — currently working without pay during the partial government shutdown.

19.01.2019, 11:00
Sen. Lindsey Graham flies to Turkey, meets with Erdogan to discuss US withdrawal from Syria

The two met behind closed doors to discuss the creation of a “safe zone” in northeast Syria, according to reports.

19.01.2019, 11:00
Winter storm sweeping across US, with more than 100M Americans in its path

Conditions "could approach blizzard criteria" in many areas, the weather service said, as it issued winter storm warnings from the Dakotas, across the Great Lakes states and into the upper Norttheast. Dangerous ice was also a possibility in some areas.

19.01.2019, 10:00
Funeral for Vietnam War vet, 77, who died alone, draws hundreds of mourners

A procession of around 200 vehicles filled with mourners made its way from a church to the funeral in North Hanover Township – just 42 miles east of Philadelphia – to pay their respects to Peter Turnpu, 77, according to reports.

19.01.2019, 09:00
A court-ordered apology to a 10-year-old leaves his family furious

A 10-year old and his mother from upstate New York have had just about enough.

19.01.2019, 08:01
Elon Musk warns ‘the road ahead is very difficult’ as Tesla lays off 7 percent of workforce

Tesla announced on Friday that it will cut 7 percent of its workforce, marking the second round of job cuts in just over six months, as it faces the pressure of building and delivering its long-promised, lower-priced Model 3s at scale while keeping costs down.

19.01.2019, 08:01
Fact Check Friday: Trump on picking fights with Pelosi, prayer rugs and parsing border crime

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Speaker Nancy Pelosi engaged in a political tit-for-tat over border wall funding this week, as the longest government shutdown in U.S. history seemed to have no end in sight. While the back and forth continues over border wall funding, the dubious claims mounted.

19.01.2019, 08:00
Trump insists that a ‘border crisis’ is ravaging America – Here’s what numbers tell us

Tempers are running hotter than ever before. We may be canceling the State of the Union for the wall. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a group of congressmen and women may not be going on a trip abroad – including a visit to a conflict zone – because of the wall. And we have been thrust into one of the core issues of the 2020 election campaign because of the wall.

19.01.2019, 08:00
Trump to make ‘major announcement’ on shutdown, border

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday evening that he will be making a «major announcement» relating to the government shutdown and the United States’ southern border with Mexico on Saturday at 3 p.m. from the White House.

19.01.2019, 07:00
Cohen spotted with arm in sling, setting off speculation

It turns out that Cohen had simply undergone previously scheduled shoulder surgery, according to the Associated Press.

19.01.2019, 06:00
Leaked memo shows Trump administration weighed separating families at border, Sen. Merkley wants Nielsen investigated for perjury

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley on Friday asked the FBI to open a perjury investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen following the leak of a 2017 internal draft document that explored separating families as a way to curb illegal immigration at the border.

19.01.2019, 05:00
Special counsel office: Parts of Buzzfeed article tying Trump to Cohen’s lies to Congress are not accurate

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday took the unusual step of publicly denying portions of a media report published by Buzzfeed News.

19.01.2019, 05:00
Don Cheadle won’t do press with ‘Avengers’ co-star Mark Ruffalo: ‘He runs his mouth a lot’

During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday, Cheadle, 54, revealed that he probably won't be doing any press with his "Avengers: Endgame" co-star, Mark Ruffalo.

19.01.2019, 05:00
George W. Bush delivers pizza to Secret Service detail working through shutdown

In this case, his gratitude took the form of pizzas he delivered right to them on Friday.

19.01.2019, 04:00
Marie Kondo’s Netflix show inspires viewers to ‘tidy up’: 3 popular organizing tips

The Japanese tidying expert and best-selling author helps homeowners "transform" their space by teaching them the "KonMari Method."

19.01.2019, 03:01
Chicago cop gets 81-month sentence in Laquan McDonald murder

Van Dyke was convicted in October of second-degree murder. The grainy dashcam footage of him shooting the black teenager 16 times in less than 30 seconds stoked outrage, polarized Chicago and garnered national attention over how best to police minority communities.

19.01.2019, 03:00
Wasserman Schultz opts out of Women’s March: ‘I cannot stand alongside it’

In an op-ed published in USA Today, Wasserman Schultz announced she would not be walking in this year’s Washington march because of leaders' failure to “repudiate anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry.”

19.01.2019, 03:00
Companies disproportionately target black, Latino youth in TV ads for unhealthy foods

Extreme weight gain in children is a dangerous mental and physical health epidemic in the United States, and public health officials have implored children and their parents to lay off the sugar-sweetened beverages, fast food and unhealthy snacks.

19.01.2019, 02:01
Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke sentenced to 81 months in prison for Laquan McDonald murder

Former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was sentenced to 81 months in prison on Friday evening for the shooting death of African-American teen Laquan McDonald.

19.01.2019, 02:00
Trump to make ‘major announcement’ on shutdown, border

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday evening that he will be making a «major announcement» relating to the government shutdown and the United States’ southern border with Mexico on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. from the White House.

19.01.2019, 02:00
Hundreds of Central Americans arrested for tunneling under border barrier, Border Patrol says

Members of the group were arrested after they entered the country on Monday. They did not attempt to avoid law enforcement prior to their apprehension, the Border Patrol said, according to The Associated Press.

19.01.2019, 02:00
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