You never know when hunger pains could strike, so it’s always best to be prepared.

But Anouska Moss, from the UK, may have taken that philosophy a little too seriously when she agreed to go out clubbing with friends.

Moss took to Twitter, on Sunday evening, to recount a night out when she decided to stuff her bra with a handful of McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

“The most embarrassing thing was when I decided to sneak chicken nuggets in to the club so I put them down my bra,” she announced on Twitter.

While out on the town, Moss happened to pick up a “lad” and decided to take him home with her.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

“Took some lad home with me and he undone my bra and loads of chicken nuggets just came falling out,” she wrote. contacted Moss for comment on the eventful evening.

Her online admission immediately went viral, racking up more than 180,000 likes on Twitter in the last three days before she decided to delete it due to the onslaught of unwanted attention.

Moss’ friends even backed up the fiery mum-of-one, claiming stuffing her bra with nuggets was definitely something she was capable of doing.

The tweet garnered thousands of comments from people who claimed it couldn’t possibly be true.

But Moss simply said she was “too cute to lie” before explaining how easy it was to forget something pressed against your boobs.

“Do boys, or girls with boy chests, not realize you literally don’t really feel stuff on your boobs?” Moss asked.

“They are just lumps of fat they squish inward. Kinda like a super soft pillow.”

Despite the doubters, Moss’ tweet also elicited a series of hilarious responses from intrigued readers, with one woman claiming she was all too familiar with the storage capacity of the space between a woman’s boob and her bra.

Many approved of the sneaky move, while others claimed they stuffed things in their underwear all the time.

The story garnered so much attention that fans demanded more information from Moss.

Others just refused to believe Moss hadn’t detected the crispy, breaded nuggets pressed firmly against her boobs over the course of an evening.

But Moss defiantly clapped back at her haters, saying they “must have pretty lame lives to think this is really that far-fetched”.

“I always do stupid s— like this,” Moss said.

In the end, she announced she had learned her lesson and was “never sharing my shambles of a life with Twitter again.”

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