Howard Schultz is already having a big impact on presidential politics: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the political impact of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz considering an independent 2020 presidential bid.

They are still going after him. Of all the candidates jockeying for the 2020 race, none has had quite the impact as Howard Schultz. He launched on Sunday with an appearance on “60 Minutes.”

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It’s Thursday, and he's still getting most of the attention. He's sucking the oxygen out of everyone else's campaign!


It’s easy to see why: he could split the anti-Trump vote, and help the president to a second term. He's got the money, $3 billion, to finance a presidential run.

And most important: he is challenging the leftward drift of the Democrat Party. He's calling out the socialists. And he's also challenging the president, trying to take votes from him too!

Look at California Democrat Kamala Harris. She's running. And she would take away the private health insurance of 150 million Americans. Sen. Elizabeth Warren demands a wealth tax, as well as higher income taxes. Medicare for all, tax the rich and confiscate their wealth. Bedrock Democrat policy!

Schultz takes aim at all this: "ridiculous" he calls it, "not American" … And he says "I do not believe in what the Democratic Party stands for" – there's a slam!

But the president and Republicans are not spared the criticism: Mr. Trump he says, is "unqualified" and "despicable" and he absolutely doesn't like the Republican tax cuts. He told Fox News he would take more votes from lifelong Republicans than Democrats.


We can argue who loses the most all day long, but it’s clear that Howard Schultz is really shaking things up. An independent may have a slim chance of winning the presidency, but Howard Shultz, coming from the center, is already having a big impact on presidential politics.

Howard Schultz has had biggest impact of all 2020 candidates: Varney