Should Amazon investors be concerned over Bezos’ divorce?

FBN’s Hillary Vaughn discusses whether Amazon investors should be concerned about Jeff Bezos’ divorce.

Amazon is shipping some cargo in Embark self-driving trucks along the cross-country I-10 Highway, both companies confirmed this week.

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The partnership came to light after a Reddit user posted photos of autonomous trucks emblazoned with Amazon’s logo driving on the highway. While Amazon’s branding is visible on the trucks, they operate using Embark’s self-driving technology embedded on Peterbilt semis.


“We are always innovating and working with innovative companies to improve the customer experience and safety of our team,” Amazon said in a statement obtained by CNBC, which was first to report the partnership. “We think successful over-the-road autonomy will create safer roadways and a better work environment for drivers on long-haul runs.”

The extent of Amazon’s partnership with Embark is unclear. Neither company provided further details on the program.

Embark is one of several companies attempting to establish a foothold in the burgeoning autonomous vehicle space. Electric-car maker Tesla and Alphabet-owned Waymo are among the companies developing technology.

“Embark moves freight for a number of major companies on the I-10, however we cannot discuss any company specifically as our relationships are confidential,” Embark CEO Alex Rodrigues told CNBC.


Amazon has experimented with various alternative shipping methods in recent months. The company is said to be in the process of building out a fleet of cargo planes to handle air shipping, potentially saving billions of dollars on an annual basis.