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From being newlyweds to becoming new parents, Prince Harry and Meghan have had a monumental first year of marriage.

19.05.2019, 16:08


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UN tells Italy proposed decree violates migrants’ rights

In a letter to Italy's government, the investigators said the decree appears to be "yet another political attempt to criminalize search and rescue operations" that "further intensifies the climate of hostility and xenophobia against migrants."

19.05.2019, 15:04
Austrian president eyes September as best time for new vote

President Alexander Van der Bellen spoke Sunday after meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

19.05.2019, 15:04
Bodies of Indian climbers brought back from mountain

The bodies of Biplab Baidya and Kuntal Kanrar were first carried by rescuers from the highest camp to a lower camp and then picked up by a helicopter on Sunday. Helicopters can reach only up to the lower camps on the high Himalayan peaks.

19.05.2019, 14:04
Life-threatening tornado outbreak, flash flooding possible Monday in Southern Plains

The second day of an outbreak of severe weather Saturday brought 10 reported tornadoes to to the Plains, part of 38 reported tornadoes since Friday.

19.05.2019, 14:00
‘Ripoff’ restaurant slammed for $90 price tag: ‘How are they allowed?’

A photo of the receipt showed the meal for two came to a hefty €81.40 ($90.89) and shocked social media users when it was shared online.

19.05.2019, 13:26
6 everyday products that could cause you to fail a drug test

She was separated from her newborn son until officials confirmed that it was a false positive. The culprit: A poppy seed bagel.

19.05.2019, 13:26
4 places to look for your unclaimed money

I’m talking about back wages, old 401Ks, bank failures, utility deposits, unclaimed life insurance, FHA refunds, undelivered tax refund checks – the list goes on and on, amounting to billions of dollars.

19.05.2019, 13:23
Blame it on Bieber: Iceland canyon too popular with visitors

Icelandic environmental officials have had to close off the Fjadrárgljúfur canyon to protect it from the hordes of Bieber fans who are determined to visit the site. And these fans are not letting a few fences, signs or park rangers keep them away.

19.05.2019, 13:20
Christen Limbaugh Bloom: God is teaching me why silly stories seriously matter

That voice visited me as I sat down to write an article this week. Every time I began to type, the voice crept in, telling me my stories are too silly to share.

19.05.2019, 13:05
In Iran, economic struggles trump fears of US confrontation

Battered by U.S. sanctions and its depreciating rial currency, Iran's 80 million people struggle to buy meat, medicine and other staples of daily life. Now they wonder aloud about America's intentions as it rushes an aircraft carrier and other forces to the region over a still-unexplained threat it perceives from Iran.

19.05.2019, 13:05
France’s Macron forced to curb his ambitions for Europe

But Macron is no longer the fresh-faced force who marched into a surprising presidential victory to the rousing EU anthem two years ago. His pro-Europe vision has collided with populists and national interests across the continent. And at home, his political vision has given rise to France's raucous yellow vest uprising over his government's pro-business policies.

19.05.2019, 13:05
President Donald Trump opposes highly restrictive Alabama abortion ban

President Donald Trump broke his silence on the increasing trend of states passing restrictive abortion bans late Saturday, denouncing bills like the one that passed last week in Alabama.

19.05.2019, 11:01
Baby dies after being left in hot car in Indianapolis; mother being interviewed by police

Indianapolis police are investigating the death of a baby found in a car on Saturday as temperatures climbed into the 80s.

19.05.2019, 09:02
Morrison thanks Australians for surprise election victory

While the opposition center-left Labor Party had been tipped to win — both in opinion polls and with odds-makers — the coalition has romped to victory, most likely with an increased representation.

19.05.2019, 08:19
Texas church opens new sanctuary after massacre

Worshippers, elected leaders and relatives of those killed or injured at the First Baptist Church in the tiny town of Sutherland Springs are expected to gather at the new sanctuary for a dedication ceremony on Sunday. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott will also attend the opening and deliver remarks at the new facility.

19.05.2019, 08:18
Final round of voting underway in India’s marathon elections

The voting on Sunday also covers Modi's constituency of Varanasi, a holy Hindu city where he was elected in 2014.

19.05.2019, 06:04
Bolivia’s Morales begins bid for 4th term despite complaints

Morales, a one-time leader of coca farmers, became the Andean nation's first indigenous president in January 2006 and is one of the few remaining leaders of the wave of leftists who swept into office in South America in past decades. If he is re-elected in October and serves out the five-year term, he would have been president for almost two decades.

19.05.2019, 04:05
Police won’t let Scottish McDonald’s sell milkshakes near Brexit rally

There have been numerous incidents in which far-right activists were doused in shakes by protesters, after dumpings were posted earlier this month on social media.

19.05.2019, 04:05
Gap in suicide rates among teen boys, girls is closing: Study

Teen suicide trends have long shown differences between the sexes: While girls have been more likely to attempt suicide, boys have died by suicide at higher rates. This disparity, however, may be getting smaller.

19.05.2019, 04:03
Another horse dies at Santa Anita racetrack, marking 24 in six months

Another horse has died at Santa Anita Park in California, the race track said Saturday, marking the 24th thoroughbred fatality in the last six months.

19.05.2019, 03:00
Former homeless student overcomes extraordinary odds to graduate from Georgetown University

Rashema Melson is no stranger to adversity. The 23-year-old, who had lived for three years in a Washington, D.C. shelter, made headlines as the valedictorian of Anacostia High School’s Class of 2014 with a full scholarship to Georgetown University.

19.05.2019, 02:05
Sikhs say Nordstrom apologized for turban, waiting for Gucci

"We feel that companies are commodifying and capitalizing on something that is dear and sacred to people around the world," said Simran Jeet Singh, a senior fellow with the New York-based Sikh Coalition, who said the turban has a deep religious significance for the men of his faith.

19.05.2019, 02:03
Funeral announced for murdered pregnant Chicago teen Marlen Ochoa-Lopez

Funeral plans were announced on Saturday for Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, the pregnant Chicago woman who was murdered last month and her unborn baby cut from her womb after she responded to an ad for free baby clothes.

19.05.2019, 02:02
Nordstrom sorry, but Sikhs await Gucci apology for turban they found offensive

"We feel that companies are commodifying and capitalizing on something that is dear and sacred to people around the world," said Simran Jeet Singh, a senior fellow with the New York-based Sikh Coalition, who said the turban has a deep religious significance for the men of his faith.

19.05.2019, 02:01
US-Nicaraguan man killed in detention served in US Navy

Eddy Montes Praslin, 56, was shot dead Thursday at La Modelo prison outside the capital of Managua. Hundreds of Nicaraguans have been jailed over the past year after protesting against the government.

19.05.2019, 01:03
Austria: Chancellor calls for snap election after corruption scandal

"After yesterday's video, I must say quite honestly: Enough is enough," Kurz said. "The serious part of this [video] was the attitude towards abuse of power, towards dealing with taxpayers' money, towards the media in this country."

19.05.2019, 01:03
Illinois not alerted to early clues in womb-cutting case

The woman, Clarisa Figueroa, was charged more than three weeks later with killing the baby's mother , Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, after police found her body outside Figueoa's home. Chicago police say she cut Ochoa-Lopez's baby out of her womb on April 23, then called 911 to report she had given birth to a baby who wasn't breathing. Paramedics took Figueroa and the baby to Advocate Christ Medical Center in suburban Oak Lawn.

19.05.2019, 01:03
Joe Biden gives pitch on uniting the country in Philadelphia

Former Vice President Joe Biden made his pitch to unite the country in Philadelphia on Saturday, for the third and final phase of his presidential campaign roll out.

19.05.2019, 01:02
While some states are restricting abortion, others move to bolster access

The abortion debate in America has lately been dominated by news that conservative lawmakers in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri had approved sweeping new restrictions to abortion access. But meanwhile, several states with Democratic majorities have been pushing through bills that fortify abortion rights.

19.05.2019, 01:00
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